AGB Gaming.

Since 2001.

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Welcome to AGB Gaming

Since formed in 2001 by International Operators playing the Battlefield franchise, AGB has become a serious force in the gaming community. Our management team has been highly active in most projects such as Star Citizen, the entire Battlefield series, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, SWTOR, ARK, Arma, PUBG, The Division, Ghost Recon series, and many more.

Our Community

We are over 2000 members strong, and many have been gaming together here for 18 years. Our community is a family with members from varying lifestyles, beliefs and values, primarily adults with full time jobs and families.  We come together to game to enjoy our precious free time! 



AGB is currently recuiting members to be part of our Star Citizen Org, AGB CORP.

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