the community

PvP in our community does NOT mean 'official server' PvP.

Our community is more focused on long term gameplay vs seeing who can wipe who first. World PvP is highly encouraged. Raiding is expected and welcomed but our community does not support the complete and constant wiping of clans. Offline raiding is also part of the game, but his highly frowned upon by the majority of this community.

Server Rules

Any clan that starts with [ADMIN SAFE] OR [ADMIN OWNED] is 100% off-limits to be raided by anyone.  
  • These are clans that admins have taken over for various reasons.
  • Violating this rule will result in a complete clan wipe by us.
Any exploiting, duping, botting, macro farming, etc will result in a ban on all of our servers.
  • If you are not sure if what you are doing is considered 'glitching' or 'exploiting', assume that the admins will.
Griefing / harassing new low level players will not be tolerated.
  • Repetitively killing the same new player(s) over & over will be viewed as griefing.
  • Not allowing new players or clans to progress by constantly obstructing their ability to farm & tame will be viewed as griefing.
  • Allow new players room to grow & become competitive. Killing the competition before they can compete is cowardly & lacks gamesmanship.
  • Any form of griefing new players will result in severe consequences,including up to a permanent ban.
Clans voted 'toxic' by the community will have ZERO protection & no cooldowns to protect them.
  • Being overly aggressive in Chat or discord will likely get you designated toxic.
  • Raiding defenseless bases continously will likely get you designated toxic.
  • Enjoy the game. If you want to be an asshole to everyone in game, go to official servers.
Any player joining a clan with the intent of sabotaging them for another clan (aka 'insiding') will be permanently banned from our community.
  • Everything earned within a clan, belongs to the clan.
  • If you chose to leave a clan, you do not get to take items you feel belong to you.
  • Admins will NOT replace anything lost to an "insider" - , do not recruit unknowns.
No foundation spamming is allowed.  You can not claim any land you can't occupy immediately.
  • You can not block off an entire area of the map because you might 'someday' want to build on it.
  • We expect your base perimiter to be in line with your current or short term abilities to expand.
No blocking access (via building, camping, etc) to any loot/resource caves.  
  • Admins will structure wipe your clan if you're structures are found in these zones.
Our server uses Open Containers, so be sure you try and keep your containers INSIDE your bases and keep your doors closed..  
  • It is your responsibilty to keep your items secured.
  • The Open Container setting is to limit base damage when being raided.
Clans are allowed 3 Bases. It does not matter what size they are.
  • This is to keep structure lag down on our map.
Bases along Noob Beach (anything south of the starting area River) shall not be raided.
  • PvP between new players is allowed, but no base raiding at all.
  • Bases in the Noob Beach area are ONLY permitted to be T1 structures. When you are ready to upgrade, move out of the starting zone
  • We expect you to remove your starter base when you no longer need it. Any base left there will count towards your base limits.
  • ANY destruction or damage at a base is considered a raid.
Raids are enabled between 9:00 AM Central and 11:00 pm Central time 7 days a week.
  • ANY destruction or damage at a base  is considered a raid.
You can not raid the same clan twice in 72 hours unless they counter raid you.
  • Violation of any raiding rule will be penalized severely; Penalties may include any combination of: clan wipe, forfeiture of all clan inventory (items, mats),or a minimum 48 Hour ban of all clan members.
One FOB per clan is allowed during a raid.
  • Any structures built to raid a base MUST be removed after the raid has concluded



XP: 2x
Harvesting: 4x
Crafting Speed:  0.5x (double speed)
Thrall Conversion: 0.5x (double speed)
Idle Water and Thirst: 0.8x


Max Clan Size: 6

Structure Pickup allowed

Avatars Disabled

Offline Hunger and Water are turned off

Characters remain in the world logged off.

Full Nudity is Enabled at the server. (remember our community rules about posting innappropriate pictures in Discord)